Let Me Entertain You

By habit, we hand the gift of boredom over to our distractions. We crave a life experience, but search for it in distraction. Instead of going on a walk that might lead to an adventure, we turn on our device and read about an adventure. Instead of arranging an outing with a friend, we scroll through pictures of our friend’s outings. Instead of meeting up for a game of pick-up ball, we meet online to game. Here’s a game changer: take your boredom to God and say, “God, I thank you for this gift of down-time, what would you have me do with it?” I tried this and attest to time being stretched, unexpected thoughts entering my mind which just happened to provide answers on some spiritual questions that I had as well as a rush of adrenaline to act on these thoughts. Not only do we crave real life experiences, but God wants us to have them. Change up your boring routine and give it a try. 

Boredom used to be the absence of stimuli, the lack of interest in any available activity. Today, though, boredom has taken on a whole new character.




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