Dr. Charles Stanley Wakes Me Up

On any given Sunday, you will find me absorbed in a sermon by Dr. Charles Stanley. Here is one on friendship that I want to piggyback some thoughts onto.  Dr. Stanley breaks down the types of friends we have into distant, close and intimate. An intimate friend is golden, the most valuable one. The intimate friend delights us, develops us and drives us. Dr. Stanley goes on to list what we it takes to build one of these golden intimate friendships:

  • Time Together;
  • Sharing Triumphs and Victories;
  • Moving Through Trials Together;
  • Gratitude for the Friendship;
  • Tolerance for Each Other;
  • Transparency in the Relationship;
  • Truthfulness

Now, let’s take this a step further. Let’s say (as the Bible does) that God wants an intimate relationship with you. This same list can be used to build a deeper relationship with Christ. Give Him your time through prayer, worship, reading and meditation on His word. Share your triumphs and victories in life with Him and give Him thanks for that joy. Hand Him your trials and let Him know your thoughts and ask Him for a light in this dark tunnel of time. Express your gratitude to Him everyday. Ask Him for tolerance with your transgressions and to show you how to be tolerant. Get transparent and lay it all out there for Him in your prayers. Open up to Him, be honest, tell the truth, come clean, lay down your heavy burdens. An intimate relationship awaits you.

Source: Strong Friendships – Part 1 When you discover a true friend, do you know how to cultivate that relationship into something truly beautiful?



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