Thoughts and Prayers

With the rise of interactive media, comes the rise of scattershot opinion. One opinion taking a laser guided approach to the bull’s-eye of recent events is that thoughts and prayers are useless in the face of tragedy.  Let’s talk about why people express their ‘thoughts and prayers’ and why some would find it necessary to … More Thoughts and Prayers

Deflating Elite

Elite is a label that is being slapped upon an ever-increasing group of people. We hear of “the elites, making the elites mad, Hollywood elites, political elites”, but who are all these elites and what makes them as such? In Mark 7:20-23, Jesus presents his disciples with a checklist of matters of the heart to  … More Deflating Elite

A Quagmire in Idealism

Several powerful leaders have come into the news of late by labeling themselves as idealists. The interesting thing is the reason they are in the media spotlight is entirely due to this idealism and their failure to recognize the realities of individualism. Idealism on its face can be great. This is where wishes and dreams … More A Quagmire in Idealism