Speak It

We have some science here to back up our practice of speaking the Word of God out loud. Great tool for memorization and recall of verses.¬†#Bible You remember more of what you read out loud If you need to remember something important, here’s how. QZ.COM

The 500

The part that got me was the 500 volunteers. 500 people dedicating their time to serve their church and community. #StMatthewLutheranChurch #Maryland 100,000 Dazzling LEDs Shine At St. Matthew Lutheran Church

Food for Thought

Through Biblical references and historical context, some scholars put the infant birth of Jesus around September-October. The December placement may come from a historical basis of putting Jesus’ birth in a death and resurrection perspective using his death estimated in March and adding 9 months to arrive at December as his rebirth. Some have also … More Food for Thought

Americans Show Up

When his own countrymen shot him 5 times and left him to die, members of the US Eighth Army’s 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade came onto the scene. They did not know who their patient was, just that he was going to die without their assistance. “When the injured soldier was loaded into the Black Hawk … More Americans Show Up